South Coast Survivors EP

Posted by edd_jedi on 16th July 2021

Our next release is a collaboration with some true legends of the south coast UK rave scene! They are established names in hardcore and drum & bass, but for most of the artists these are the first breakbeat rave tracks they have produced for many years. Some of these DJs and producers could also be found serving up the latest white labels at the south coast’s best known record shops back in the day. Here’s some background on the artists, and how the concept for this EP came about. (more…)

Quality Control for Labels – How To Check Your Vinyl

Posted by edd_jedi on 21st November 2019

Releasing vinyl records is not an easy business. Each one is hand-made, so there are plenty of things that can go wrong. I once received a full run that had the wrong labels attached. And sending out defective records to your customers could financially cripple your label – the pressing plant may replace the vinyl, but they will not refund all the money you have already spent on postage. (more…)

Zensation Interview

Posted by edd_jedi on 28th October 2019

The second vinyl release on Return of The Vibe is from new artists Zensation & AmeliA X, keeping up the label’s mission to produce original oldskool style hardcore. But these tracks don’t sound like a first release from a new bedroom producer, so how new exactly an artist is Zensation, what are they on and where do they come from? We found out after locating Zensation at a remote jungle resort in Sri Lanka – we kid you not… (more…)

The Last Jedi?

Posted by edd_jedi on 12th July 2019

No, this isn’t about that Star Wars film. Jedi Recordings 25 is now up for pre-order, you can buy it here. It features three authentic jungle/hardcore tracks by Revert Project, his third release on the label. This is a special one, not only because it’s pressed on cool white vinyl, but also because it is the last release on Jedi Recordings. (more…)

Return Of The Vibe – Part 3

Posted by edd_jedi on 22nd May 2019

Jedi Recordings #23, our joint release with Stormtrooper Recordings for their 25th anniversary, is now in stock. As you might have seen, we’re running a competition to win a one-off Stormtrooper Recordings BMX, so here’s some details from Olly: (more…)

Return Of The Vibe – Part 2

Posted by edd_jedi on 3rd April 2019

For part 2 of this blog series about our collaboration with Stormtrooper Recordings for their 25th anniversary release, here’s some words from label owner Olly himself:

So when you opened that floppy disk for me and I saw the Stormtrooper helmet staring back at me, it was a face I hadn’t seen for a long time. I didn’t have a digital copy, and thought it was lost forever. It was the label artwork for the second release on Stormtrooper Recordings, so that disk probably hadn’t been loaded for almost exactly 25 years which feels a bit weird! (more…)

Return Of The Vibe – Part 1

Posted by edd_jedi on 25th March 2019

Usually when we put a new release out I will just send an email to the mailing list and post it in a few Facebook groups. But our next release is a very special one and has a story behind it, so before the record goes up for sale next month I’m going to write a couple of blog posts about it with some rave history thrown in! (more…)