South Coast Survivors EP

Posted by edd_jedi on 16th July 2021

Our next release is a collaboration with some true legends of the south coast UK rave scene! They are established names in hardcore and drum & bass, but for most of the artists these are the first breakbeat rave tracks they have produced for many years. Some of these DJs and producers could also be found serving up the latest white labels at the south coast’s best known record shops back in the day. Here’s some background on the artists, and how the concept for this EP came about.

Earlier this year I was sent a couple of demos by two artists I first met at the south coast raves Destiny and Adrenalin back in the late 90s. Following successful releases and countless DJ bookings in the original rave scene, they had taken some time out, but had started producing again and sent me two excellent tracks that I was keen to release.

As I only had one track from each of them, I couldn’t put out a single for either artist. So because we all knew each other from local raves and record shops, I had the idea of putting together a various artists EP featuring ‘survivors’ of the south coast rave scene!

DJ UFO should need no introduction, one of the key players in the UK hardcore scene for the last 25 years with releases on labels including Raver Baby, RSR Recordings, Hectic Records and Electric Kingdom. What you may not know is that he was also half of early 90s rave group Insomnia, responsible for old skool classic Nostalgic played by the likes of Top Buzz and Ellis Dee in 1992. He could also often be seen in Movement Records in Southampton.

DJ Nightmare worked in Tripp2 Records in Southampton during the 90s. He had a wicked release on the Hect-Tech label, and was often playing at events around the south coast including Adrenalin, Obsession and Destiny. This is his first release for nearly 20 years, and we have a full EP coming soon!

DJ Melody is best known as Metropolis alongside DJ Fade which released the anthem Liquid Nights on Essential Platinum (look out for new remixes coming soon.) Melody had tracks on various labels and compilation albums during the 90s, and later went on to remix chart hit “Operation Blade” by Public Domain under the alias B’n’G. He could also be found behind the decks at many south coast events including Adrenalin and Oblivion.

Blade had releases on several high-profile hardcore labels including Triffik Toons and Hect-Tech. He also worked in Tripp2 Records in Southampton alongside Nightmare, and went on to become a successful drum & bass producer as part of group The Sect, and later as solo artist Section 63.

The South Coast Survivors EP is available on Bandcamp now, order your copy here:

And here’s some sound clips. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for the support!